Black History Pack Updated

April 3, 2012
Blogger's new look is making my head spin! Pinterest & facebook have a new look too which I'm slowly adjusting to. I know its part of the ever changing world of technology but geez! once I have something down packed it changes on me :( 

Speaking of changes and finally updated my Martin Luther King Jr. & Rosa Parks craft pack which I listed back in January. There are eight craft activities in this packet. I know its late, but at least you'll be ready for next year :)

If you've already purchased it, please head to my TpT or TN store & re-download the packet. 

I received some great suggestions and I've added craft activities for Harriet Tubman, George W. Carver, and Barack Obama. I also received a suggestion to list the crafts separately which I am currently working on.

I hope your all having a great week so far :) 



  1. Your unit looks great. I am enjoying my week because I am on spring break!! I am working on a long to do list, though!! Not enough hours, but loving my break.

  2. Robynn- thanks for stopping by my blog! Thanks so much- it took me a while to update but I finally!

    enjoy your break :)


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