PBIS Classroom Posters Freebie Alert

November 24, 2013
My school has recently adopted the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports framework (PBIS). The baseline of this framwork is that through continual teaching, constant monitoring, immediate praises, rewards and feedback, and a combined effort from the whole school, not just individual teachers/ staff, the amount of unnecessary discipline referrals will decrease. It's all about promoting a climate of postive reinforcements.  The PBIS framework offers a more proactive approach to discipline. I made these six posters to go along with our school- wide rules. 

I'm no expert on PBIS, and I am still learning a lot about this framework since we are still in the early implementation stages, but I will say that I love how everyone is on the same page and how consistent my school is with this implementation- it just makes things smoother on my end. And anything that makes my day go smoother, or my life for that matter- I'm totally for it! :) 


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