Martin Luther King Jr. was a Man of Peace + Freebies

January 19, 2012
We've had a fun week in Kindergarten learning all about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks and I have a few freebies for you as well!

I started off by reading my favorite book on Martin Luther King Jr. and using the graphic organizer above to help students organize their thoughts.

I highly recommend reading this book when introducing this unit. It is filled with a ton of great information, and it really brings Dr. King's story down to a level children can understand. Here are some of my other favorite books on Martin Luther King Jr:

We also did a circle map and wrote words that describe Martin Luther King. Then we did a cute craftivity from my Black History Month Craft Pack. 

We also made one for Rosa Parks

{love the cute hat}

Here's a funny story for of my student's was helping another student complete their project when he suddenly yelled "Mrs. M, we need Rosa's bra!"....I quickly turned and said "wwaaaaaaattt", then he looked at me so innocently and said, "her bra, the white things" as he pointed to the doyle's. HAHAHAHA!! I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Kids really say the darnest things! 

We also worked on our bus craft and our peace wreath, which you can find in my Black History Month Craft Pack here. 

& finally a "We're all in this Together" Peace Wreath

Here are some other freebies I wanted to share with y'all. Hope you can use them in your classroom! 


  1. Love all of this!! And the bra comment is too funny!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Haha I just laughed out loud at the bra comment. Too cute!

    :) Thanks for sharing! I'm hosting a Scrappin Doodles Giveaway on my blog - come over and enter to win! :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

  3. Heyy! I just got a new award, and now I'm sharing it with YOU!

    Stop by and pick it up!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. Just found your blog. I love it and have become your newest follower!!!
    Thank you for your great ideas:)

    My First Grade Backpack

  5. Just found your blog! Cute ideas on Martin Luther King and I really like the peace sign for the t-shirts!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. Oh my goodness! This is SO creative! I need to go add it to my wishlist now!


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