January 19, 2012

Martin Luther King was a Man of Peace: Freebies!!


First freebie is a simple "Design your own sign" activity. Have students design their own peace sigh then cut and glue onto the t- shirt pattern provided. You may have to play with the pieces a little {enlarging or shrinking} to fit perfectly. An extension would be to display finished products and have students vote anonymously for their favorite design. There are many math skills you can incorporate here. The winner could win a small prize, provided by their awesome teacher of course (wink!). How FUN would that be?!

Click on the picture to get your copy: 

And for my older kids in our after school program I created this writing activity: 
Click to get your copy

We read some great books on Martin Luther King as an introduction to the unit. 

My kids were really into this story. Towards the end when it talks about him being killed, one of my little boys said the story wasn't real. Thus, I found a  "teachable moment" and touched on fiction and non- fiction books.

We did a circle map and wrote words that described Martin Luther King. Click here for your copy. 

We did some Martin Luther King Jr. art 

and some Rosa Parks art {love the hat}

and more

Here's a funny story. Look at the doyley's on her shirt. One of my students was helping another student complete her project when he suddenly yelled "Teacher, we need Rosa's bra!". I said "WWHAATTT?", he said "her bra, you know those two white things on her shirt!". Oh my word. Kids really say the darnest things!! 

We also worked on a bus activity and a Rosa Parks circle map. you can get your circle map here

& finally a "We're all in this Together" Peace Wreath

You can add a picture of Martin Luther King in the middle or at the center near the bow.

Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. Love all of this!! And the bra comment is too funny!

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  6. Oh my goodness! This is SO creative! I need to go add it to my wishlist now!