Christmas Wishlist

December 20, 2011
Dear Santa, 

I promise I've been a good girl all year, except for the time, when, um, well...ok, nevermind. So, some of you blogging buddies may have been a lot better than I have this year {boo!} so I thought it would be FUN to put together a list of some great gifts for teachers {yes, I got sucked into the commercialism of Christmas...forgive me} & please forgive me for breaking the number #1 rule in blogging- TWO posts in a day...YIKES...I'm just terrible at this!

At the top of every teacher's wishlist should, should, should {I can't stress this enough} be a Scotch laminator. I absolutely HEART mine! It's small, lightweight and comes in very handy for those quick projects you need to complete in a short amount of time. No more lining up in my teacher's lounge waiting for my items to be laminated. I've also found very inexpensive sheets for sale on Amazon

An Erin Condren Planner...well worth the price, c'mon your worth the splurge!

A thirty-one tote bag- perfect for carrying all your items to & from school. I can't live without mine!

My stapler has seen better days- This is definitely on my wishlist! How pretty is this traffic-stopping lipstick red stapler?!

Store your files on this adorable jeweled thumb drive!

SHARPIES!!! A teacher can never, ever have enough Sharpies.

TOMS!!! Every teacher needs to be comfortable & what better way then wearing these cuties to work? I wore high heels for the first half of my teaching career- boy am I paying for it now with my chiropractor bill :D

And for those ready to SPLURGE {I hope Santa doesn't disappoint me this year} 

An Apple imac {oohhh lala}
Nikon camera d700

Please Santa, don't dissapoint me!! 


  1. Great list! I have one item on mine: a real, live document camera. Sigh.

  2. ::Drool:: I want everything on the list. I'm thinking of using my bonus points with Scholastic to order the laminator... and I just might have to splurge on that planner!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. @ Tammy- a document camera sounds way cool!
    @ Mrs. Cupcake- trust me your going to LOVE the laminator...and the planner :)

  4. Hi there! Just exploring your blog...and getting lost in time of course! :) I am you happen to remember the price of the laminator?? I am the type to make a lot of my own teaching tools and this would be the perfect time saver! (But I'm also realizing how quickly I can spend what I make! yikes)



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