$200 Amazon Giveaway! Just for Pinning! Say What?!

February 25, 2012
Yep, that's right you heard me, here's your chance to win a $200 Amazon gift certificate for PINNING. Aren't we all addicted to pinning??!!!

Charity from The Organized Classroom Blog & 10 others are teaming up for this huge giveaway. TWO lucky winners will receive a $200 Amazon gift certificate. Head on over to her blog for more information.


Do you {HEART} Pinterest?  How about teaching blogs?  Maybe $200?

If so, you are going to be utterly smitten with a little collaboration I came up with that involves all three!  Announcing the "Pinteresting Teaching Blogs" Contest!

I have teamed up with 10 other bloggers, and Marygrove College to offer not one, but TWO $200 Amazon gift cards to two separate winners! (I WISH I could win!)

The best part?  It is sooooo easy to enter!  Just do the steps below:

1.  Head to the contest Pinterest board at my Pinterest page.

2.  Create a board on your own Pinterest page titled "Pinteresting Teacher Blogs."

3.  Repin ALL 13 pins from the contest board to your new board (including the one with the logo on it).

5.  Sit back and wait for me to contact you on Monday for delivery of your $200 Amazon gift card!  :)  Contest runs from Thurs, Feb 23rd until 10 pm ET Sun, Feb 26th.  The winners names will be added to the contest pin after being chosen.  Good luck to all who enter!

Good Luck!!


  1. I LOVE your blog and I am sharing the love and awarding you the Liebster Award. Head over to my blog to find out what to do next! Keep up the great work!

    meet me at the zoo...

  2. thank- you so much for this sweet award!! :)

    ~ edana


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