Top 10 Award

March 15, 2012
I was recently given this amazing award by Joanne & Suzanne of Kinder Learning Garden .

Receiving this award really made my day. Its nice to know your appreciated & it validates the fact that, ok, maybe I am doing something good here with this little 'ol!! 

Now on with my TOP 10 list. There are soooooo many wonderful blogs out there so choosing 10 will be kind of tough but here goes: 

I'm certain am these SUPER amazing blogs have been given this award numerous times...

Happy *almost* FRIDAY!!! Who's counting down to SPRING break?! LOL :D


  1. OMigosh! You are too sweet! Thanks so much! I would love to be counting down to spring break but we do NOT get one! {Just a couple days at Easter} Oh well, I am counting down to summer though! lol I'll be thinkin' of all you spring-breakers!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  2. I just found your blog through the linky party!! Love your ideas:) Im your newest follower!! Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and follow back.

  3. Leslie- aren't you excited??!!
    Christie- your welcome!! I love all your items!!
    Tammy- I'm on my way to your blog now:)

    ~ edana


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