Let's Graph! Free Printables!

April 1, 2012
I introduce graphing to my students early on in the year just to get them familiarized with the concept. I start with simple graphs and extend them throughout the year. I created this packet to send home as homework for added practice, but you can use them as morning work, or place them in your math centers or tubs. I hope it's something you can use in your class.


  1. This is wonderful! Can't wait to use it with the students. Thank you.

  2. I could see how this would be useful to all the grade levels. Knowing that each grade is looking at what the next one is teaching and how what you might teach should help the student's in the next grade. I am going to try this myself, I think the rest of my team feels overwhelmed
    Thanks Again
    Heather Rockwood

  3. Common Core is the worst thing to happen to this country!!!!!


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