I am exhausted.

August 17, 2012
Oh boy has it been a rough week for me. I recruited my troops (hubby, kids, sister, nieces, nephews, & basically anyone that would help!!) to assist me in getting my room together in 4 days. I basically lived at school during that time arriving at 6:30 a.m. and leaving by 6pm.  I am finally done! There are just a few minor things to print and hang but I am beat- physically and mentally. I probably will be emotionally exhausted after my first day on Monday...lol! I have 17 little ones so far and two with special needs. I hope to get in as much rest and relaxation before returning. I promise to post pictures of my room soon.

I'm also linking up with Nancy from Joy of Kindergarten to share with you the 5 things I miss about summer. At this rate, I think I can come up with 100.
1. I definitely miss the gorgeous beaches of Maui. Next summer I definitely want to do some island hopping and see the other Hawaiian Islands.

2. Being on vacation! Did I tell you how much I miss Maui?

3. Shopping! {while on vacation of course} There is no Michael's or Hobby Lobby in Hawaii so I definitely had to stock up.

4. Crafting! I'm definitely not going to have enough time to try to make all those awesome things for my classroom that I see on pinterest.

5. And lastly, I just miss the FREEDOM that summer gave me. The thought of not having to wake up so early, or iron clothes for work....AH! Who's with me on counting down to next summer? hahaha.

Hop on over to Nancy's blog by clicking the picture below and share the things you miss about summer. 

Have a great weekend!! 

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