Halloween Math Journal Prompts & a SALE!

October 27, 2012
It's been two weeks since my last post...GASP! I've been up to my neck in assessment. Formative, Summative, Dibels, Reading Diagnostic, Math Diagnostic, not to mention....REPORT CARDS are due in a week! SIGH. Sometimes I wonder when I get to just TEACH!

Anyhow, my students have been enjoying our daily math journal prompts and I finally put it all together to offer it to you in my TPT and TN stores. Our Math program consists of really short, repetitious lessons. A little too repetitive (we've been reviewing number #4 for three weeks now..I know!) so I constantly supplement our math program with daily math journals and other great things I find from you my fabulous friends! I've also slowly introduced literacy journals which I'll share soon in another post. 

Math Journals are a great way to reinforce skills while meeting the standards at the same time. I enjoy using them because they provide me with a quick and easy way to assess student understanding of content area. They also provide a way of keeping documentation and accountability of student work.

Here's a picture of what's included: 

24 Prompts total with a page for directions & tips, as well as a listing of standards that are aligned with this unit....but the best part??!! It's on SALE NOW :)

{courtesy of The Bubbly Blonde}


Carson Dellosa shows support for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 6, 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in honor of this, I wanted to share some exciting news with you! 

From October 4th- 31st, Carson Dellosa will donate $1 from every online purchase from carsondellosa.com and Learning Spot Library to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, up to a maximum of $10,000.
So head on over to carsondellosa.com and get your SHOP ON for a wonderful cause!

I recently read some promising news about breast cancer research in my local newspaper. I read that doctor's and researchers are continuing to study other options besides chemotherapy. One doctor discussed a woman in her 40's with small children and a full time job. He was able to provide her with other medications instead of chemotherapy. 

Very promising news!
This is why early detection is key. Don't wait until your 40 to receive a mammogram if you feel something is not right. My mother was diagnosed with early stages in her 60's and the fear is always in the back of my mind. I am in my early 30's and regularly do self- check-ups. I will also have a mammogram next year to make sure everything is ok- but the fear is still there. 

Did you know that in 2012 is is estimated that over 226,000 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer?  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. For more information about BCRF, visit www.bcrfcure.org.

         Have a great day friends!! 



October 4, 2012
While I can't believe it is already October, I am super excited because I love decorating my room for Halloween and fall is my favorite season, well ok, summer is my favorite...hehehe!

I am linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade to bring you my "currently" for the month:

Yup, I would love a pay raise. Who wouldn't? I know, wishful thinking huh?! My team members and I were venting over lunch about how hard we work and how little we get paid :(

Oh, and no one walked away with my pens...hahaha...in case you read my last post! But they did ask what the sticker was for...lol!

Anyway, choosing a book was hard...there are so many great books I enjoy reading to my class this time of year. But if I had to choose just one, this is my pick: 

When I was student teaching I did a unit on Halloween and I had the class do a few fun activities with this book. Now, whenever I read it to my own class I am reminded of that happy time.

My master teacher was UH- MAZING and I owe her so much! We don't keep in touch as often as I'd like to since we live so far apart now but I am forever grateful for all she's done. 

Hop on over and join the FUN!

Oh' boy fourth grade

Happy *almost* Friday!! 


Monday Made It...on a Wednesday & a quick tip!

October 3, 2012
Warning: this post is a bit long with tons of pictures so please hang in there  :) 

I'm a bit late for "Monday Made It"...I hope you'll forgive me. The past two weeks have gone by so fast, I've barely been able to hang on! The quarter is almost up, and I can't believe how fast time is flying, I guess it only means we are closer to SUMMER!!! Hahaha! I'm only kidding!

My kids have adapted to our daily routine and I am slowly introducing simple center activities. I went from 16 kids to 18 and I heard through the grapevine I may be getting another one this week. So I am just going to stop there in the event I jinx myself and the next time I post I will be telling you I am past 20...YIKES! 

Anyhow, here are a couple things I have made for my class: 

Our daily attendance board. 

I had an ugly poster board one last year which definitely needed an update. 

I used a small dry erase lap board (9"x12") which I purchased at Walmart then I tied a cute ribbon on the loop for the marker.

Each day we count how many kids are present/ absent and students take turns writing the numbers on this board. They love it!!

Next I whipped these babies up for my standards corner:

I turned this: 

Into this: 

It is titled "Standards & more" because we are required to post up our daily schedule and class list as well so I left a space at the bottom for that.

I made a new Guided Reading Clip Chart...yes, my groups are named after fruits! Haha! I used teal ribbon because I wanted to put this on my board but it didn't look right so I moved it to a vacant wall but I am not liking how the ribbon blends with the wall. I will be changing it as soon as I can ;)

I also updated my picture directions from last year. I purchased these posters from Walmart. Then I laminated them and added magnets at the back. 

The borders for the header and numbers are from here.

I turned these:
(sorry I have no idea why it is sideways)

Into this:

I wanted it to match the color scheme of my class. But I have to admit spray painting these pins was no easy task.

I also forgot to share this with you in my last "Monday Made It" post, my 1st day of Kindergarten frame. I have seen tons of fabulous ones all over blogland. Mine is plain jane. But there is cute sparkly detail on the yellow scrapbook paper if that counts.

I also spruced up this bucket by adding some cute ribbon:

Ta- da! Easy Peasy!!

Which leads me to my quick tip, that is if your still with me! 

Ever get tired of losing your pens? I know I sure do. My room is the Kindergarten Hub!! Anytime we have a team meeting- we use my classroom. My team also comes by during breaks and lunch. So whether or not it's intentional...I've been noticing a lot of my favorite pens have been missing! GASP! 

So I grabbed a few of these...

and did this:

So now anytime someone "accidentally" picks one up- I hope the bright dot will catch their eye & hopefully they'll return it. Here's to crossing my fingers.

Thanks for "sticking" with me, no pun intended :)

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Have a great day!
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