October 27, 2012

Halloween Math Journal Prompts & a SALE!

It's been two weeks since my last post...GASP! I've been up to my neck in assessment. Formative, Summative, Dibels, Reading Diagnostic, Math Diagnostic, not to mention....REPORT CARDS are due in a week! SIGH. Sometimes I wonder when I get to just TEACH!

Anyhow, my students have been enjoying our daily math journal prompts and I finally put it all together to offer it to you in my TPT and TN stores. Our Math program consists of really short, repetitious lessons. A little too repetitive (we've been reviewing number #4 for three weeks now..I know!) so I constantly supplement our math program with daily math journals and other great things I find from you my fabulous friends! I've also slowly introduced literacy journals which I'll share soon in another post. 

Math Journals are a great way to reinforce skills while meeting the standards at the same time. I enjoy using them because they provide me with a quick and easy way to assess student understanding of content area. They also provide a way of keeping documentation and accountability of student work.

Here's a picture of what's included: 

24 Prompts total with a page for directions & tips, as well as a listing of standards that are aligned with this unit....but the best part??!! It's on SALE NOW :)

{courtesy of The Bubbly Blonde}


  1. Wow! I would use it!


  2. Just emailed! Please tell me what you think :)

  3. Our program is repetitive also! I'd love to try this out!

  4. Wow!Looks super awesome!We have report cards next week too. Yikes!!


  5. Rats.. I missed it! Haha looks great!

  6. Always a day late and a dollar short...Isn't that the truth as teachers??? I am so in to math journals, especially those alligned to the Common Core. Bummer!

    1. Look out for my Thanksgiving version...I plan to offer it free too- to the first two or three people :)