Today was rough :(

December 17, 2012


I participated in "Silence for Sandy Hook" on Sunday, but was too glued to my television to post...sorry! I simply cannot begin to wrap my head around what has happened in Newtown. There are just no words. I am like you and the rest of the world in wondering "WHY?, WHY?, WHY?". Why those babies? Why? I wonder if anyone will ever know the answer.

Today was rough all around. First off, five of my kids were absent, a first. I'm sure they're parents were worried for their safety. And with good reason, two weeks ago at one of our high school's, a parent became outraged that his child was sent to the principal's office and threatened to come in and "shoot". The parent wasn't arrested and police presence was increased for only two days afterwards.

Today, one of our elementary schools (not mine) was dismissed early due to a phone call threat received. I just don't know understand what possesses some people to think this is a joke. Do I worry about my safety at school? Of course. Do I think that my state can do a whole lot more to protect us? Yes. Do I think we'll continue to be proactive instead of reactive? I sure hope so.

Today, I had to sign back on to work the after school program after two staff members quit after a dispute with my principal. I know, it shouldn't be my concern, but if three of us quit they may have to shut the program down completely.

Today, one of my students did not return to school after a terrible accident yesterday. We are praying he doesn't have to undergo surgery. Last I spoke to his aunt he was alert & responsive.

Today, we found out an 8- year old boy at a neighboring school has been diagnosed with leukemia and will be leaving to California for treatment before Christmas. 

Today was a rough day. But I am alive and well. My students are alive and well. My family is alive and well. And that's all I could ever ask for. I am truly blessed. Thank- you Lord.


  1. Why would people do that? Call and make a threat to a school? It is so sad! I your post was nice. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I appreciated your post, too. The kids are lucky to have you. H.


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