Sunday Smorgasboard Linky!!

July 1, 2013
Woohoo! I am all about randomness so when I saw this linky party in my feed on bloglovin' I knew I just had to join in on the fun!! 

Hop on over and check out Michelle from Fabulous in First to link up! Here goes nothing but randomness!!

First off, my heart is heavy as I continue to watch the news unfold about the terrible loss of 19 firemen killed in Arizona. I am in shock and at a total loss for words. All I can do is offer my thoughts & prayers to their families, friends, and community during this very difficult and trying time. 

Next, I am so proud of myself for blogging straight for the past three days!! Oh yea. With all the things going on in my life I constantly worry about my commitment to this little 'ol blog...

Speaking of this little 'ol blog, I am itching for a new blog design! GASP! I paid a pretty penny for my current one, but I am easily bored and I think I am starting to bore of this design....bwwaaahhhhh!!! 

Next up...ANTS!! These darn things have been biting the heck out of me lately!! I don't know where they are coming from but all of a sudden they seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and they are seriously ruining my life!! 

And finally, I am working on some, well, a whole LOT of unfinished items to be posted in my store soon! Here is a sneak peak!! 

Stay Tuned!!

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