Miss Parker's Big Birthday Bonanza!!! Enter to WIN!!

September 26, 2013

Is that even a word?! Well, that was exactly my thoughts when I teamed up with at least 50 of Miss Parker's blogging, instagraming, and facebook-ing (yep, I'm on a roll makin' up my own words here) buddies to bring you this HUMONGOUS giveaway! 


There are TONS of great prizes up for grabs and the whole giveaway is valued at around $200+. Some sellers, including myself opted to do a "Winner's Choice" which is perfect for you to be able to see which of our items would specifically meet the needs of your students. 

In addition to this ultra- fabulous giveaway, Miss Parker is also giving away a few of these babies she's been working hard on. 

So head on over to blog and enter for your chance to win! You won't want to miss this one! Hurry! The fun is ending in less than 2 days!!! 

Meet Miss Parker 

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