Attention Grabbers in the Classroom

October 5, 2013
Hiya there peeps

It's Shuna from Pocket Full of Kinders

I am so happy that Mrs. M allowed me to take over her spot today! 

How do you get your student's attention?

Focusing student's attention is essential to classroom management. 

When students are focused they do much better and so do you. 

Have you ever tried to give directions and 20 little busy bodies are moving, talking and make distracting noises?

What do you as a teacher do when this happens

Shush them?

Flick the lights?

or do you go with the dramatic and throw yourself on the floor and beg for everyone to close their trap?

I have done all the above :)

Don't judge! 


I started to use attention grabbers in my class and OH MY WORD

the kiddos love them and they are effective!

I use them during transition times to make sure that everyone is on the same page and focused before we begin a task

I use the attention grabbers as well as a few other transition tips with my littles

You can pick up the Attention Grabbers Freebie HERE as well as check out some awesome tips to manage your classroom. 

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