My 13 in 2013 Linky Party & a SALE!!

December 31, 2013
2013!!! Yikes, where did you go? I guess it's true that time surely flies when you're having fun!

I'm linking up with Hadar, Kristin, and Tracy to bring you my 13 in '13!

Gosh, I can go on and on about clothing! I secretly always wished to be a fashion designer, but my overly conservative family couldn't handle my "trends" when I was younger…lol! My favorite piece of clothing that I simply can't live without are my Tory Burch eddie flats!! 

I received them from my sister last Christmas, 2012 so you can definitely say I lived in them for most of 2013!! They are super soft and comfy!

I am slightly obsessed!! 

I'm going to cheat here and add just one more piece of clothing I can't live without ,which are my cropped boyfriend jeans from Joe's Jeans. Super soft and comfy just like my flats.

Don't laugh, but I lovvveee them! I own 4 pairs and 2 dark denim pairs. My hubby won't be caught dead with me when I rock them! He constantly asks "why do your pants have holes?". Ugh, MEN! I guess when you live in pants & skirts M- F you want to loosen up a bit on the weekends. Yep, I married a conservative one as well. Boo. 

I can't remember the last time the hubs and I watched a "grown up" movie together so I have to choose,
hands down Despicable Me 2!!!! This movie had me practically choking on my popcorn!!! 

Okay since HGTV, Food Network and Oprah's Channel might not  count, I'm going to have to say GLEE! 

I was definitely saddened by the death of Cory Monteith. The pressures and the demons these celebrities battle is just a shame and a huge tragedy.

This one's kinda hard because my family and I love trying new food. From Indian to Chinese to Japanese, we're not afraid to try it. I blame my mom, who always said to me at the dinner table "you need to at least TRY it". Hubby is yelling Ihop (don't ask), but if I had to choose one, it would probably be the Olive Garden. I've always experienced great service there and their food has been delicious each time. 

When school started in August, I began to get really stressed out. We were short a Kindergarten teacher, and the group of kids we got this year literally came from all walks of life. Yes, each year has its challenges, but I don't think I've had a year like this. It has made me question my choice to teach, and it has made me question being at the school I've called home for the last 13 years. Not to mention the constant, sometimes overly- outrageous demands of my admin. Everything started to get the best of me, and I started to break out around my chin. I hated it. I've never really had breakouts growing up so I was a bit freaked out. Let me tell you friends, when your 10 year-old sees a Proactiv commercial and says "Mom, you should try that"…then you really need to take their advice. So far it is working and I love it. I just wish there was just one bottle and not 4. With the busy lives teachers lead, I sometimes forget to do the last two steps…sigh. 

My favorite gift was a handmade card from my 10- year old. Wish I had a picture of it but sadly I don't. She made it in her class and it's sitting proudly on my desk at school now :)

This art activity is one of my favorite pins!  

{original source here}

My favorite blog post this year was about the First Grade Educents bundle! I was so excited to have my product featured! 

Definitely organizing my teacher files and center games. Looking back, I think I have a serious addiction to TPT!! Yikes!

You can see the picture on Instgram here:
I can't seem to copy it directly from instagram :(

My favorite picture will tie in with my #3….the time when I made 100 cookies for the staff at my school. You can see it here on instagram:

For the life of me, I don't know how to copy images from instagram…aaggg!!

My favorite memory this year was baking over 100 cookies for the staff at my school during Staff Appreciation Week. They truly are the unsung heroes that don't get as much credit as they should sometimes. 

My goal for 2014 is to make enough money on TPT to pay off my student loans!! HA!! I wish!! 

Breathe. Just Breathe. I've set it as my screensaver as a constant reminder. This coming year I need to learn how to just breathe and move on. I can't change the world, I can only change myself. I need to have faith that God is in control and he will continue to guide me through this journey called life. 

Thanks for sticking with me. This is probably my longest post yet. Cheers to peace, love, joy, and a ton of blessings and happy moments for your family and mine this New Year!! 

OH, aaannnddd, I'm having a New Year's Sale. I'm currently working on adding a TON of products to my store, so please check back soon! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to finish all these products that have been "in the works" for forever now! lol! 


  1. Despicable 2 and the first one are great movies. Sometimes I think they do a much better job on kids movies than those made for adults, and I know childrens' books are better.

  2. It's nice to see someone else who is obsessed with Tory Burch. After I decided to buy my first pair of TB Reva flats I figured one pair would be enough. This is my TB Reva collection today. Then I got hooked on the TB Eddies and that collection quickly grew t look like this. Since that picture was taken I also bought myself the pair as you.

    Great post, thanks for sharing your obsession.


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