Teacher Laura: Giveaway, Freebies and a Sale

November 23, 2014
My friend Laura Armstrong is celebrating a TPT milestone! I can't think of someone more deserving and I am extremely happy for her!! Hop on over to blog to read more on her achievement and be sure to check out her TPT store for some awesome products and clipart!!

Teacher Laura: Giveaway, Freebies and a Sale: After a year and 8 months I am thrilled to announce that I have achieved a TPT sales milestone. I have devoted so many hours of my even...



November 6, 2014
I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade to bring you this month's currently....a little late to the party...

I am so addicted to HGTV! I leave it on throughout the night and my hubby HATES me for it, I just know!! Hahaha! I've always said if I wasn't a teacher, I would have gone into interior designing! Ahhhh! 

I've definitely been thinking how much I've missed blogging as well. It's been a long 4 months, but honestly, I just can't find the motivation. When I get home all I want to do it take a bath and get to bed, with HGTV on of course! I have so many things I've been wanting to share and every time I think I'll get online to blog, I end up doing something else. My kids this year are 12 kinds of chatty! I have never had so many kids interrupt me and ask 100 questions when I read a storybook. We're working on it, and hopefully sooner than later, they'll learn.

I've definitely been wanting to win the lottery and travel the world! HA! I don't even play the lottery so that might surely be the first thing I need to start with huh?!

And finally, I'm reading "Writer's Workshop: The Essential Guide". I've always struggled with teaching my kinder babies how to write. There's just some mental blockage in my little head that puts it off. I need to get out of the mindset that if they don't know letters and sounds, they aren't able to write. HELP! 

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