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December 28, 2012
Please forgive me for posting twice in a day, but because I posted late yesterday I'm trying to catch up with this linky that's already on Day! I promise to make this post as short as I can.

I'm linking up with Hope from 2nd Grade Shenanigans to show you how I organize a few things in my classroom and share my organizing resolution.
First off, I'm totally OCD!! Trust me, my team members can vouch for it! I love to sort and organize and PURGE! I give everything away!! If I haven't used it in 6 months it more than likely will be on its way OUT my door!

I took this picture at the beginning of the school year. I've since labeled all the containers at the top.

My lovely butterfly box holds all my scrapbook paper :)

This is how I organize all those amazing craftivities I purchase on Teacher Pay Teachers:

 I print the front cover and the directions on card stock paper and I laminate it. Then I put it in a ziploc bag with the patterns/pieces. I also post the laminated sheet(s) on my board so my students can refer to it, along with a sample of the craft that we made together.

I have 6 of these containers...and I divide the activities into them by quarter. I also have one container each for my largest collections which are Christmas and Alphabet Craft Activities.   

I have a regular planner which I use to record important dates, but I use this in addition to that.

It is tabbed: type, to-do, print, and lesson plans. 

Under "type" I write down things I need to type up-  newsletters, labels for my students' homework planners, notes, etc.

 "To- do"- obviously self explanatory

 "Print"- Under this tab I list anything from things I purchased on Tpt that I need to print, or homework sheets for upcoming lessons, etc.

And under "lesson plans" for example I may see something neat I want to do with my kids on another blog or on pinterest- so I would write "Winter- melted snowman" and the blog name if it came from another blog so I could refer back to it.

I also use a simple composition notebook for documenting my communication with parents. I wish I had a picture- this image is from google.
On the first page I list my kids by alphabetical order from 1-19. Then I use 19 tabs on the side and write their "number" on each tab. I refer back to the first page since I do not write the kids' names on the tab, just their number- hope this make sense.

Each time I communicate with a parent regarding a concern with their child- whether in person, on the phone, or in a written note- I always make sure to cover myself and document everything. 

I write the time, date, and quick notes of what transpired. If I made a phone call and there was no answer or the phone was not working I would indicate that as well. 

For certain students that may need additional referrals and support from the school this is a great resource for me to be able to have and refer back to. Parent's can't argue and say they weren't informed of certain things when I have everything documented.

Now for my resolutions: 

To tackle this baby!
This is my wonderful collection of tpt purchases & blog freebies! I've gotten lazy with filing as you can see on the 2nd shelf. It took me all summer (2011) to organize these files but I have yet to find the motivation to make pretty labels and front covers for each binder. And as you can also see, I need to put the glitter back where it belongs...hahaha! 


  1. How good are you?? Love the organization and thank you for the shout out!!! (I am updating that pack and should be finished with some new add- ons soon!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Thanks for stopping by :)

    I'm excited for the add-ons! YAY!

  3. Hey girl! Did you get an email that I revised the pack? ...I checked the box that folks should be notified but I am always paranoid people won't get it. (if you got the pack on TPT) I made the changes last night =)
    First Grade Blue SKies


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