FREE Chalkboard Themed Supply Bin Labels

April 19, 2015
I posted this picture on my instagram page a few weeks ago and the response was so overwhelming, that I wanted to be sure I share it here as well.

I wish you could have seen the whole picture! There are almost 40 bins on that top shelf, a little OCD you might say!

You can shrink or enlarge these labels in your printer settings depending on your needs. I also included an editable set. Just click in the middle and type away! I hope you can find these useful in your classroom.


  1. Love your organization! Want to come to my classroom next? hah!!

    Hi there! Love that you were able to bring an author into your classroom via Skype. This is something that I am still working on. Also totally jealous that you are in CO! What a beautiful environment you have out there!

    Hip Hooray in K

  2. Hi,
    Love your organization and wonderful labels. Thanks for sharing:) How are the labels adhered to the plastic bins? Laminated then packing tape on back?



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