Teen Number Activities

December 9, 2019
Hi Friends!!!

I'm not sure if anyone is out there (considering it's been two years since I've posted) but here goes nothing.....I've missed blogging and sharing ideas with you and it feels good to get back into it. I've slowly been revising a TON of my old products and I wanted to share one in particular with you before the price goes up.

Teen numbers have always been so difficult for my little ones to grasp. Children need numerous opportunities to learn these numbers with visuals and manipulatives. I've included numbers 10 and 20 although they aren't "teen" numbers, only because I teach my students that teen numbers are ALL the numbers BETWEEN 10 and 20. By adding these two numbers it helps them identify a "starting" and an "ending" point so to speak. 

The previous file include this center game only:

[YES I cringe when I see my old products...lol]

The new file includes......not 1....not 2....not 3....but 12!!! 12 Teen Number Activities in all!! 
I kinda went crazy I know! What was supposed to be a quick revision of the product turned into a complete overhaul of the file.

This is the new product:

I will keep these centers priced at the original cost of $2.50 for the next 48 hours....so hop on over to my tpt store and grab it for that awesome price! 


Mrs. M

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